Mail Order Blind Repair

Nesler Custom Service is pleased to offer this service to people who live too far away to visit our store or for us to come to you. You can now ship your blinds or shades to our store location and we will repair them and ship them back to you. Most items can be repaired within a week unless we have to order replacement parts. Please use the form below to give us all the information we need to do the work.

Note: We can’t repair in window blinds and shades from Pella and other window manufacturers. Damage to the cords is usually caused by worn sleeves in the window.

How We Charge for Repairs

Repairs are based on the width of the blind or shade. The wider the shade, the more it will cost to repair. Cordless shades use a spring motor to raise and lower the blind or shade. These items will cost more to repair because they are harder to restring. If necessary, we will replace any worn parts as well as restring the item. Top down/Bottom up shades are really two shades in one. Therefore we charge 1.25 X the regular price if only one side is broken. if both sides are worn or broken, we charge 2X the price.

Once we receive the blind or shade from you, we will call you to let you know what needs to be fixed and the cost. We will also need to know how much it cost you to ship the item to us. Once the repair is finished, we will call you again with the final price including shipping and, using, Square, we will charge your credit card. Then we will rebox your shade/blind and ship it back to you the same way you shipped it to us. Below is a table of prices for different size blinds or shades.

Standard Blind/shade Re-corded or repairedUp to 36″ Wide$45
37″ to 48″ Wide$50
49″ to 60″ Wide$55
61″ to 72″ Wide$60
73″ to 84″ Wide$70
Cordless Blind/shade Re-corded or repairedUp to 36″ Wide$60
37″ to 48″ Wide$65
49″ to 60″ Wide$70
61″ to 72″ Wide$75
73″ to 84″ Wide$85
Call us for an estimate if your blind or shade is longer than 84″ wide

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