What’s New in the Window Treatment Industry

Motorizing your existing Wood Blinds or Roller Shades

Having motorized shades in your house is becoming more popular. But what about converting your existing window treatments? Two companies are now offering kits to convert Wood blinds or Rollershades from manual to motorized.

  • The Rowley Company offers motors to replace the springs inside the tubes of your existing roller shades. This allows you to keep the style and color of your shade and still be able to control them with a remote control.
  • Somfy Corporation makes a kit to replace the tilt mechanism of your wood blinds with a motor to control the position of the vanes of your wood blinds. This does not change the way you raise and lower the blinds but most people only raise their wood blinds when they want to clean their wondows

Both of these options have limitations and may not fit your window treatments. We recommend you contact us to setup an appointment where we would come out and evaluate whether these products would work for you. We also will come out and install the motors after you order them from us.

Norman Smart Drape Vertical

All the benefits of a vertical with a drapery look

You can have your cake and eat it too, when you get a Smart Drape Vertical for your patio door. Smart drapes allow you to pass through the vanes to enter and exit a room, yet the also swivel to limit the light coming in or give you privacy as needed.

We have many types of window treatments displayed in our store. Stop by to see which window treatments would be best for your house.

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